The Orange Cat

ART: A form of expression

Old Town Pasadena Election Comments

Gas Stations Near Campus

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The Orange Cat

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Orange Cat hanging out in the backyard

I first met Orange Cat four years ago in my room. I awoke from a nap and saw his adolescent head peaking over the foot of my bed looking at me. When I gestured toward him he immediately ran across the house and out the way he came in. Neither my father nor I had purchased this cat; he had just wandered in the open back door and made his way to the furthest room in the house.

After that first meeting I began to see him around pretty regularly. He would hangout around the neighborhood, and occasionally cruise through the house when the door was left open. Over time he let his guard down and eventually let me pet him. Now, he lives in my backyard and sleeps in a grape crate I made into a bed for him. He kills all the rats around my house and even once brought me a rabbit. I have no idea where he found that rabbit. I’ve lived in the same house for twenty five years, and have never seen a rabbit in the neighborhood.

Orange Cat spends most of his time outside sleeping or hunting, but he’ll come in when I’m home. I still don’t know where he came from, or if he had an original owner, but I’m glad he showed up and became my pal.

seels @ March 14, 2014

ART: A form of expression

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When it comes to expressing one’s desire or wants, it can be manifested in the form of art. A free form of expression amongst many talented artists is street art. Today, we can roam the streets and come to find many murals on walls around the city just like this one in Downtown Los Angeles.

This mural can express many different things to many different people. To some, it may symbolize a woman being brave and just posing. For others, they can see flames and fire behind this woman and perhaps others may see a woman to whom air is being blown at her face making her hair wave in the air. It is all about ones own imagination and perception that can influence our thoughts about what we are being presented with this art.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people walk by this mural everyday and it can be that every single one of them may find their own definition as to what is being expressed here. Drivers pass by this mural and get a glimpse of it too, this making their perceptions countless.

This mural stands out to me a lot and that was one of the reasons as to why I chose it. It says more than just a woman being portrayed as a fighter or someone who is set out to fight and show braveness. I see a woman who is running, whose hair is moving as she runs and is trying to bring her hands towards her face.

In this picture, I was able to capture vehicles passing by as well as people who walk right by this mural, this creating some sort of movement within the picture.

Los Angeles murals

Murals Of Los Angeles: Conservation Programs

Social and Public Art Resource Center – SPARC

bands @ March 14, 2014

Old Town Pasadena Election Comments

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CSULA students Elliot Russell and C.J. Tuttle went to old town Pasadena to ask people’s thoughts on the up coming election. Kimberly Gonzalez feels it is an important election and that a lot is riding on the future. John Rocha was also out on a cool Tuesday night one week before the elections. He agreed with Ms. Gonzalez, and is waiting anxiously for the results. Nonetheless, politics are nothing to stand in the way of a nice night out.

Admin @ January 3, 2013

Gas Stations Near Campus

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We are always trying to find new ways to use info graphics on our site. Here is a sample of using Google maps ‘mashup’ features to place a map showing the three or four closest gas stations . The possible applications for these ‘Mash Ups’ is practically unlimited. We could develop a map of all restaurants in this area, or just Pho restaurants. We could post night spots, movie theatres, even the homes where our team members live. Then, the coolest part is that it can be then posted right inside the blog entry itself.

View Larger Map

Click on the map to find gas stations close to campus.

It is really worth the effort to learn this technology and use it in your blog entries. All students in the TVF454 class should try their hands at embedding a mashed-up map of their liking in their blog.

Admin @ November 9, 2012

CSULA Students and the Elections: Where’s the Party?

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(CSULA- 10Valley) Cal State LA students Keon Semsarha and Kevin Zhou rooted around campus to find out what CSULA students think about the election. Contrary to popular opinion, students really do care about what will happen in one week’s time. At least Cal State LA students do. Kristin would like to see more third parties, because she thinks the existing two aren’t doing that great a job. Ron thought that third parties could be good, but often they are just confusing for the voter. Finally, Eduardo Moran thought the more options, the better. That gives voters something to look forward to rather than being stuck with the two who are offered every four years.

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Admin @ October 30, 2012

Elle & Elliott

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Elliott Russell

Click for Sound Slide

This is a pretty good example of using SoundSlides to rapidly produce striking audio and images for online production.  This particular project took some time as we were figuring out the software.  Once we figured out the bugs, things went pretty well.

The hallmark of online reporting is the ability to embed multiple types of media in a website, especially media which does not duplicate other, older usage types.  In this sense, contemporary web reporters are always looking for new and interesting ways to incorporate media into their stories.  This novelty must be undertaken not simply because it is new, but rather because it reveals new and interesting ways to pass along information.  We’ll keep trying this, but it’s a pretty good start.

Admin @ October 30, 2012

Laptop For Every Third Grader

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By Princess Manasseh

In September Mills School and Technology Academy in Whittier becomes the second school in the SGV to implement a laptop program for its third grade students.  The initiative, called ‘1 on 1,’ requires that parents of each third grader buy a brand new Apple Macbook for their child.  Use of the computer will be integrated into the students’s daily curriculum, with an emphasis on teaching each child how to use their computer effectively.

Much to the dismay of administrators at Mills School, there were not nearly enough funds for the school to provide computers to all 79 of its third graders, so they looked to support from the parents.  Because the cost was to fall on the parents, the program needed at least a ninety percent participation among them.  When the initiative was explained and the votes were collected, ninety-two percent of parents were found to be in favor of getting the laptops.

Each laptop costs $1256, a hefty expense for many of the parents.  To help lighten the load Mills School has forged a deal with Apple to offer parents payment plans stretching up to three years.  Parents have some options: they can pay for the computer in full with a lump some or they can take advantage of various plans.  The most affordable plan requires parents to pay $38.06 a month.  The school is also looking for community sponsors to help cover the cost for students who cannot afford a computer.

The program is designed so that each year, incoming third graders receive a new laptop.  They will use this computer in the classroom for the next three years, carrying them from the start of third grade, to the end of fifth.  During that time the children are expected to learn computer essentials that have become vital in society a large.

“I am extremely pleased that my son will begin working with computers so early on,” said Mills parent Mindy Morales, mother of third grader Lester Morales.  “In this fast moving society we live in, it will be those who get a head start on mastering technology that lead the way for the rest of us.  I’m just glad my son will be one of the leaders.”

Admin @ October 4, 2010

L.A. County Fair Gives Back To It’s Surrounding Communities

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By: Starr Session and Princess Manasseh

There are just days left of the L.A. County Fair but it seems the fun is far from over.  True to tradition the fair is offering a variety of delights including: elephant rides, thrilling roller coasters,  live bands, and just about anything you can think of deep fried (from pickles to ice cream)!

The fair also publicizes taking pride in the surrounding communities, many of which are in the SGV.  On the website lacountyfair.com presenters of the fair express a concern for the community, “our sense of social responsibility guides our decisions on growth and development…We are dedicated to investing in our collective future.”

Year after year to prove their interest in community discounted admission is offered to residents of a particular city on a rolling schedule in what are called “community days.”    On your community day, if you arrive to the grounds before 5 pm you can get in for a whooping $5 bucks with a coupon.  Today’s community day is for residents of Walnut/Rancho Cucamonga.  Tomorrow, which is the last Friday of the fair is community day for Covina/Fontana.

Each cities designated day features a festive Community Day parade and prestigious high school marching band competition.  There is an Adult and Junior Community Hero Presentation and a host of other special events. Do you have hometown spirit? Well if so, you can also support your civic officials, business leaders, volunteers, unsung heroes, local talent and outstanding young people on this very special day.

This past weekend Nicole Gutteriez a law student over at Loyola Law School enjoyed her community day for a low price of $5 dollars and raved about the fair exclaiming it was her, “Best night!” she teased that the, “LA Fair equals a fat persons delight! All the food I’ve ever imagined & I’m gonna try it all! Especially the fried butter recommended by Oprah!,” If Oprah gives her stamp of approval then you know it must be some good food paired with some good fun over at the L.A. County Fair.

We know the SGV has hometown spirit, and with only a couple of cities left to show their enthusiasm we encourage you take friends and family to the fair.

Log onto the website for more information: www.lacountyfair.com/2010

[Source: L.A. County Fair]

Admin @ September 30, 2010

Just an update…

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Hey Readers:  I just wanted to let you know where things are with “10Valley”.  Since we launched the site a little over a year ago, as a sub-site, inside the “CoolStateLA.com” site at Cal State LA, I’ve been blown away by the thoughtful and compelling stories and posts we’ve received.  We haven’t had a full time reporter/editor to work on the site for a couple of months, but I think that is about to change.

The important thing here is that while we are operating this site out of the Cal State LA University Times Newsroom, we really, really want your input!

If you know of things we should know about, email me personally at jbeaupr (at) exchange.calstatela.edu.

There are so many issues affecting the SGV that don’t get covered, it is our hope that YOU can contribute to content.

We really admire our friends at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, but their budgets have been slashed and they are expected to cover everything from car accidents to high school proms.  The idea for this site has been and will continue to be ‘from the ground up’ – we don’t need to tell you, from our academic pedestal, what is going on in the SGV.  You are living these stories every day.

We want the prom stories.

But we also want to know what is happening with water regulations.

We want to know how freeways affect your life – good and bad.

We want to know about the Vietnamese bakery you have found that serves the perfect Bahn Mi.

We want to know about the crazy-assed band you saw in El Monte last week.

So pile it on!  No spam.  No commercial messages.

Just open your eyes and tell us what you see, hear, smell, and taste!

I’m really eager to hear from you, so send us some stories, story ideas, and leads.  We can help you follow up on important stories in some cases.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Jon Beaupre

10 Valley proj. director

Admin @ September 3, 2010

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